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Food Program

Working together to end hunger

The largest organisation in India that fights hunger is called the Food Box Foundation. In India, we are a network of neighbourhood-based organizations, food pantries, and food banks. By giving food and assistance to millions of people, we endeavour to put an end to hunger.

An India where no one is hungry

It’s almost shocking that anyone goes hungry in India, a nation that wastes An estimated 931 million tonnes of food annually, However, millions of our neighbours go without the food they require each day to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
While addressing the underlying causes of hunger, we strive to provide our neighbours with wholesome food from farmers, manufacturers, and retailers.

Nourishing Lives:

In a world where abundance and scarcity coexist, we believe that no one should go to bed hungry. The Food Box Foundation, driven by the passion to eradicate hunger, is launching the “Nourishing Lives” fundraising campaign. We invite you to be part of this transformative journey as we strive to feed the hungry and break the chains of poverty and despair. Together, let’s sow the seeds of compassion and make a lasting impact on countless lives.

The Reality of Hunger:

Imagine a child’s empty stomach rumbling, a parent struggling to provide a single meal, or an elder going without proper nutrition. Sadly, this is the harsh reality for millions around the world. Hunger not only robs individuals of their basic needs but also hinders their potential for growth and success.

Our Mission:

At Food Box Foundation, we believe that every human being has the right to nourishment and dignity. Our mission is to alleviate hunger and its root causes by providing nutritious meals, promoting sustainable food practices, and empowering communities to break free from the cycle of poverty. We are working toward having an end-hunger community kitchen in each city where the unprivileged can access free food.