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Food Rescue

Food Waste and Food Rescue

When we stop food waste, we take a big step toward ending hunger.
There is more than enough food in India for everyone. However, millions of tonnes of perfectly fine food are wasted each day. In the meantime, India has 230 million hungry people
Food Box, the largest food rescue organisation in the nation, collaborates with farmers, grocery shops, restaurants, and food producers to rescue food and deliver it to food banks that serve those in need.

What is food waste?

Food waste is good, wholesome food that is wasted rather than eaten. Several factors contribute to food waste, including:
crops left in fields as a result of poor crop prices or an excess of the same crops
Food manufacturing and transportation difficulties Food that doesn’t match retailer standards for look and color

How much food waste is there in India?

The Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) estimates that every year, close to 40% of the food produced in India is wasted as a result of broken food systems and ineffective supply networks. Even before the food is consumed, there is a loss like this. Additionally, a significant quantity of food waste occurs in our homes. According to research, Indian households waste about 50 kilograms of food per person each year.
Food goes to waste at every stage of food production and distribution – from farmers to packers and shippers, from manufacturers to retailers to our homes. Over 67 million tonnes of food are wasted in India each year, costing an estimated Rs 92,000 crores. To put it another way, this sum will feed all of Bihar for a year.

What is Food Box doing about food waste?

The Food Box network and our partners saved 30.000 tons of food last year. That food was used to prepare meals for persons who were hungry. Food Box is now the biggest food rescue organization in the nation as a result.
Food recovery, often known as food rescue, is the act of gathering premium food that would otherwise go to waste and giving it to hungry people. To prevent food waste and give rescued food to our neighbours, we collaborate with producers, retailers, and farmers. Each year, such industries produce 67 million tonnes of food waste.
We locate food that is in danger of going to waste, provide rescued food to food banks, safely transport food over great distances, and preserve food for a longer period of time once it arrives at a food bank.
We’re working on new ways to get perfectly good food to our neighbours who need it most: